Tuesday, January 5, 2010

STL UndaGround Scene: Mixxtape Mondays (show4)

Yo, yo, yo whut up St.Louis and all other visitors. Guess what? The frigid artic air of 6º this past monday night had zero effect on the turnout at Mixxtape Mondays @ Club Es·ca·láde. The energy and heat up in that place was enough to melt an iceberg. Even though it felt like the Anarctic outside the inside felt like Haiti in the middle of summer. You might ask yourself this one question: who earned this week's braggin rights??? The answer is ....
.....uh-h-h-h........um-m-m-m-m.....hm-m-m-m-m-m.........There was no clear-cut winner. This week's braggin rights is shared by KFP and the Amp Squad! Both of those groups BLEW UP THA SPOT!


Amp Squad..........u knooooooo

I wanna give a special SHOUT-OUT to the ladies! Not only did the ladies come out to watch but some came out and represented on stage and ripped it. Much love to the local celebs that came out such as Bullet Proof Records and veteran rapper Chocolate Tai. Special Honorable Mention to Chocolate Tai and Miss Ego! Fellas better watch out ya digg. And for those who don't know about veteran female rappers in the game, let me say this.....Chocolate Tai. I just want to thank her and artists like her for paving the way and making history for female rap artists in St. Louis. It's a shame that our female rap artists and r&b singers have been stagnate in the Lou for the past 7 years because of "hater-ism". I think all of that is in the past because there is a new attitude and undaground network here in St. Louis that simply CANNOT and WILLNOT be denied. History is in the making y'all and let's keep on networking this thang.

Chocolate Tai

And just when you thought that there are no more suprises.....something special happens and that something is .......... Miss Ego. If you neva heard the name now you have. There's something special going on here. This beauty came from outta nowhere like BLAOW! I saw her when she made her entrance into the club, how could you miss her. The first thing that came to my mind was ------ model. (sorry for the stereotype but c'mon give me a break) So, me being facetious I asked her was she performing tonight and she said "yep" with total confidence. Then she said, "Ima get up on stage and rap." I told her to spop kidding me but she just did one of those "ni**@ please" female smile & laugh and walked away. Next thing I know Miss Ego jumped on stage and performed her soon to be hit "Feelin' Myself" (...........right!). Oh, ok where was I....oh, don't be to quick to walk up in mixxtape monday judging a book by its cover aight,.......'cause you neva know who is going to jump on stage and blow it up.

I wanna give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to socialpitt.com for swingin on in to the event checkin the vibe. I also wanna BIGGUP Bullet Proof Records for stoppin by as well. Suave Tré and Dj Boggie Corleone held it down as usual. BIG SHOUT-OUT to Yung Phoenix for kickin off the set and he got down wit a joint called "Blame It On The Swag" ....... he had the place jumpin with that kut. BIG SHOUT-OUT and HONORABLE MENTION to Mack Shawn who gave an unforgettable heart-felt performance with the ghetto pimp anthem "This Is My Story". Mack had the place in a zone like he was performing at the BET awards and the crowd just ate it up like birthday cake.

BIG SHOUT-OUT to Tay Red who whoooed the females with his ballad "I Want Her", Chocolate Tai performed a song called "Candy Land" which is radio ready. And I can't forget the Amp Squad........U knoooooooo! History is in the making again y'all. This group has a new song with a dance. The song is "Right Leg It Out" and they have a catchy dance that goes well with the tune. Other notable songs the Amp Squad are releasing are "DoThe Big Dude" and "I Beat It Bac".

It was so bumpin that a new category has been added to keep up with popular demand. The new category is FREESTYLE. At the end of the perfomances the Dj will spin a HOT trak and let rappers, singers and MC's have at it! BIG MAD SHOUT-OUT to all the freestylers that let lose on the mic. BIGGUP to Suave Tré for gettin his freestyle on...I see b!The ladies even got in on the action. Chocolate Tai ripped the mic as well as Miss Ego. Yung Day was in a zone and goin so hard he forgot we were in the Lou and thought he was at a national rap battle competition because when he finished the threw the cordless mic down so nobody else would have at it (mic throwing is not recommended when using our hard-earned money to buy them).
You know the sayin......I can't wait 'til to see who is gonna earn the next week's braggin rights.Here a few pix:

Yung 1$$


Yung Day

                                                           Check out Chocolate Tai freestylin

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