Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 6)

Greetings everyone! Let me tell you the latest of what went down at Mixxtape Mondays. Well, this week's braggin rights go to..................O.D. Chain, Tenacious Da Terrist , the AMP Squad and ALL the new performers who got busy.

If you were not there then you missed some of St. Louis's up and coming premiere acts. The place was packed and the audience was very supportive. Like I said before, the Mixxtape Monday crowd DOES NOT BOO ANYONE (we have more class than that)! Next Level Music Group is not about hatin but about supporting our local artists and giving them an avenue to let them express themselves thru their music. And you know what fam? Mixxtape Monday in my opinion DOES have one of the livest AND respectful audiences in the state! Way to support each other yall. This event don't play around at all. These artists are bustin they a$$ to blow up. Big props for that.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Buck Marley and U-City for comin thru deeeeeep and rockin the joint. Big SHOUT-OUT to KFP for comin back thru rappin a new hot single. Big SHOUT-OUT to PK Da Don Lady who performed her single "PK Day". Watch out for her because she got somethin to prove not only to STL but to the country. Big SHOUT-OUT to Chocolate Tai for holdin it down. Big SHOUT-OUT to Essince who rocked it hiphop style, word up. My man Essince is from Ohio but moved here to the Lou and is currently putting together a STL-Cleveland mixtape. All hot acts who want to get on will have to get at him ( You heard it here first!


Suave Tre was getting his "106 & Park" on by hosting the event in a style that could possibly be a soon-to-be tv show. P.L. and Cutty Mac really have something going on here and it keeps getting bigger and better. This coming spring and summer will be something to see because with all the talent that's comin thru now somebody can and will represent St.Louis in a way that will make us all proud to say, "Yea, I remember he/she used to do shows up at club escalade at mixtape monday." Big SHOUT-OUT to everyone who got on the mic at the end for the freestyle session. Freestyle sessions are the ishhhhhhhhh ..... a great way to vent know whut I mean. See yall next week!
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  1. What it do, STL?

    I really appreciate the love! I was always told and honestly believed that STL didn't support its artists (in ANY genre) but I could have been happier to be wrong.

    The whole night was great and everyone was SO supportive. I'll def. be back with people next week.


  2. *oops. I meant couldn't have been happier to be wrong. lol.

  3. itz all good, STL has an undaground scene that the public tried to shun for over 10 years!Itz ON!