Wednesday, November 26, 2014

St. Louis-based hiphop group D.O.A. featuring Young Noble of The Outlaws

A St. Louis-based hiphop group, D.O.A., is the modern embodiment of what rap music is supposed to be about today which is exposing racist Amerikkka for what it is. This group has the sound of revolution that puts listeners right in the middle of the intersection of West Florissant Ave. and Canfield Drive also known as "Ground Zero" which on August 9, 2014 a Ferguson police officer brutally murdered a young 18 year old unarmed black man named Michael Brown Jr.

The song "Born Targets", features Young Noble (from 2pac's legendary rap group The Outlaws), is a narrative describing the uprising in Ferguson. The song challenges authority and influences listeners to take a really deep look at Amerikkkan society. The song also has a sound reminiscent of hiphop from the era of the mid 1990's that is dark, gritty and thought provoking.