Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music Video: Porn Starr by LA The Player

VIDEO SHOOT: Tuesday nite 9:30pm at the Royal Crown
Errbody free all nite, $2 drinks, bring all ya friends
This video shoot was real fun.... we were zooted of tha henny & the dodie!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 7)

Hey, what it do peeps? Welcome back to another intense dose of rap music on the STL Undaground Scene at Mixxtape Mondays @ Club Es·ca·láde. Whew-weeeeee! Quite a few artists came thru last night and tore the roof of the building! But nevertheless, this week's braggin rights go to...........................Ruka Puff, The Cream Team and Janessa Morgan.
Ruka Puff

The Cream Team

Janessa Morgan

The stiff competition at this event is generating a buzz that is catching the interest of out of town record label executives, promoters, managers, magazine publishers, A&R's and radio executives. It's gettin HOT yall! For an example, I want to thank Richard Johnson from HOT 104.1FM for coming thru and giving these local acts a "good listen". Mixxtape Mondays is ultimately a networking event and an open venue to give performers a place to shine and hook up with each other to make somethin happen. BIGGUP to the Universal Records representative who came in from out of town with Ruka Puff and crew. This dude Ruka Puff came thru and mashed down the building yo! Mad respect and keep doin yall thang.


Another example of networking power is founder and CEO K.Lamonté (pic below) of Gifted Soul. He was at the event and the host gave him the stage for 4 or 5 minutes. WOW! This guy got straight down to business. He gave advice about the music industry and a gratifying speech about how St.Louis does have very good talent and how it is important to support each other. He was promoting his showcase and had one of his artists with him to perform. The artist name is Janessa Morgan which is a sultry r&b/ neo soul singer. K.Lamonté's company, Gifted Soul has management, PR and offers a showcase (if you can make the kut!).

Mixxtape Mondays also attract home-town celebrities such as comedian Lil Roc. He did not perform but was in the house kickin it enjoyin the performances. Oh yeah, Lil Roc jumped on stage alongside the AMP Squad with cocktail in hand to perform a new and up and coming dance called "hit da bac".Other comedians are finding their way to the event to get their exposure on, know whutImean.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Mz. Keeno feat. Lekia that tore it up performing a song about all those no good guys who are only out for themselves. Big SHOUT-OUT to Buck Marley who had the crowd throwin up ones which is a U-City anthem. Big SHOUT-OUT to KFP for holdin their own. Big SHOUTS-OUT to  Vito Money, Whiteside, The Amp Squad, Young Tazz Da Hustla, Essince, Tenacious Da Terrist,Snug D. Butta and K. LaMonté.
                                                                                 Buck Marley

HONORABLE MENTION: Aurellius The Saint, Young Legends, Lucky Lucci, Phloe, 501 BLU, Mac Da Rippa, Janea, Shabazz, NuSynce, C-Dot, B-EZ, Ms. Woody (comedian), Wise Guy, Ms. Marie, Butta, Tez, and King Louie.

One person cannot do it alone... nor can one rapper... nor can one singer... nor can one preacher ...nor one teacher cannot succeed alone. It takes a team of DEDICATED, HARD-WORKING enthusiasts who have and share a vision and goal. It also takes SACRIFICE and the drive and the will to bring that vision and goal into fruition! Hard work does pay off but you can't rush it either, aight! Let's see who will earn nest week's braggin rights.

Check out the pix:

putcho one's up

Vito Money (to the right)

these guys ripped it, sorry I didnt get their name :-( 

comedian Ms.Woody

Ruka Puff

Snug D. Butta and comedian Lil Roc

Mz. Keeno feat. Lekia

Mo Lyric and JDawg

Dj Boogie Corleone and the lovely Keisha

Monday, January 25, 2010

YouTube video on Tiger Woods

Listen folks, every person on this earth will make dumb ass mistakes. That's just a reality part of life that just is. Tiger Woods is no different. He deserves what he gets and besides he did not commit murder...he just banged over a dozen white women (that probably is the real crime) at his leisure. Do you think he would NOT have sex with all those different women.the guy is a BILLIONAIRE for heavens sake!

Check out W.Dot's opinion about Tiger Woods.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 6)

Greetings everyone! Let me tell you the latest of what went down at Mixxtape Mondays. Well, this week's braggin rights go to..................O.D. Chain, Tenacious Da Terrist , the AMP Squad and ALL the new performers who got busy.

If you were not there then you missed some of St. Louis's up and coming premiere acts. The place was packed and the audience was very supportive. Like I said before, the Mixxtape Monday crowd DOES NOT BOO ANYONE (we have more class than that)! Next Level Music Group is not about hatin but about supporting our local artists and giving them an avenue to let them express themselves thru their music. And you know what fam? Mixxtape Monday in my opinion DOES have one of the livest AND respectful audiences in the state! Way to support each other yall. This event don't play around at all. These artists are bustin they a$$ to blow up. Big props for that.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Buck Marley and U-City for comin thru deeeeeep and rockin the joint. Big SHOUT-OUT to KFP for comin back thru rappin a new hot single. Big SHOUT-OUT to PK Da Don Lady who performed her single "PK Day". Watch out for her because she got somethin to prove not only to STL but to the country. Big SHOUT-OUT to Chocolate Tai for holdin it down. Big SHOUT-OUT to Essince who rocked it hiphop style, word up. My man Essince is from Ohio but moved here to the Lou and is currently putting together a STL-Cleveland mixtape. All hot acts who want to get on will have to get at him ( You heard it here first!


Suave Tre was getting his "106 & Park" on by hosting the event in a style that could possibly be a soon-to-be tv show. P.L. and Cutty Mac really have something going on here and it keeps getting bigger and better. This coming spring and summer will be something to see because with all the talent that's comin thru now somebody can and will represent St.Louis in a way that will make us all proud to say, "Yea, I remember he/she used to do shows up at club escalade at mixtape monday." Big SHOUT-OUT to everyone who got on the mic at the end for the freestyle session. Freestyle sessions are the ishhhhhhhhh ..... a great way to vent know whut I mean. See yall next week!
Here are a few pix:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show5)

Yo whutup fam! It went down at Mixxtape Monday peeps. Can you say southside-southside. This week's braggin rights go to............... Monster Music & Big Thowed Muzik. They both earn that title and it was their first appearance at the event. Both of those groups tore the roof off the building like they had to prove themselves to the world. If they keep on like that, some big label is gonna pick them up, but before that started at Mixxtape Monday in U-City (and I want in {:-) joking...... NOT!}). I would support them if they went out of town to rep the LOU. Like Suave Tre keep sayin, "St.Louis is the next Atlanta yall!". Ay, it's time yall. You gotta call it like you see it and I say, " Tha vybe iz in tha air and u caint stop it".


Big SHOUT-OUT to those two katz (below in the pic) who also ripped it up like they was gonna Hamburger Hill some ishhhhhh like vietnam. I didn't get a chance to get their name but they said they are there again this coming Monday to rep ishhhh again. Hey yall, the Lou is gonna have some rap acts that are 106 & Park bound. Watch what I tell ya... you heard it here first.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Buck Marley for continuing to make his presence felt. You gotta keep an eye out on this dude because he the type to take on a small 3 to 5 city tour to create a buzz. Not to mention another U-City rap terrorist......... Tenacious Da Terrist, big SHOUT-OUT. Big SHOUT-OUT to Vito Money who came thru and showed the crowd that he is gonna be known in this rap game. Big SHOUT-OUT to Butta who effin showed her a$$. She performed a kut and has a big voice something comparable to Free from 106 & Park(when Free was a rapper) and Lil Kim. Alot of the hood compare her to Nicki Minaj but Butta is not that "baby-dollish" to sort of speak, word up. Big SHOUT-OUT to Mack Shawn for performing an O.G. pimpin classic which had the club rockin and swayin. Big SHOUT-OUT to comedian Kym for comin thru wit the laughs even though she did a lil male-bashin but it's all good.

You know what? The open-mic freestyle at the end was mad krazy. First of all, Honorable Mention to the female rapper (the female in the open mic freestyle) who spit dat ishhhh & and held her own. Honorable Mention to the white guy who came thru and blew tha mic up.....dont judge a book ya know.

This guy can and will freestyle battle against ANY dude and he will let you know he was there! Then the freestyle battle took another flaming turn when Vito Money directly turned from the crowd and made a direct inference toward Dj Flexx and the battle ensued. After a couple of exchanges Suave Tre and P.L. had to break up the lyrical skuffle in which on the 3rd exchange Vito Money was left with mic in hand. Then once the other rappers got the mic back it was business as usual and Chocolate Tai is no stranger to the mic. She spit some nice bars in a non-chalant way and the crowd was eatin it up.Big SHOUT-OUT to Yung Day who has aggression when it comes to competition and has an itchy trigger finger for clutching the mic.

BIGGUP to all the performers and freestyle artists! It's got hot yall. Who will earn next week's braggin rights?
Here are some of the pix:

                              Buck Marley

(this guy rapped his A-- off, FO REAL)

some of the Amp Squad

Rob Figga

(this chic laid it down!)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

STL UndaGround Scene: Mixxtape Mondays (show4)

Yo, yo, yo whut up St.Louis and all other visitors. Guess what? The frigid artic air of 6º this past monday night had zero effect on the turnout at Mixxtape Mondays @ Club Es·ca·láde. The energy and heat up in that place was enough to melt an iceberg. Even though it felt like the Anarctic outside the inside felt like Haiti in the middle of summer. You might ask yourself this one question: who earned this week's braggin rights??? The answer is .... was no clear-cut winner. This week's braggin rights is shared by KFP and the Amp Squad! Both of those groups BLEW UP THA SPOT!


Amp Squad..........u knooooooo

I wanna give a special SHOUT-OUT to the ladies! Not only did the ladies come out to watch but some came out and represented on stage and ripped it. Much love to the local celebs that came out such as Bullet Proof Records and veteran rapper Chocolate Tai. Special Honorable Mention to Chocolate Tai and Miss Ego! Fellas better watch out ya digg. And for those who don't know about veteran female rappers in the game, let me say this.....Chocolate Tai. I just want to thank her and artists like her for paving the way and making history for female rap artists in St. Louis. It's a shame that our female rap artists and r&b singers have been stagnate in the Lou for the past 7 years because of "hater-ism". I think all of that is in the past because there is a new attitude and undaground network here in St. Louis that simply CANNOT and WILLNOT be denied. History is in the making y'all and let's keep on networking this thang.

Chocolate Tai

And just when you thought that there are no more suprises.....something special happens and that something is .......... Miss Ego. If you neva heard the name now you have. There's something special going on here. This beauty came from outta nowhere like BLAOW! I saw her when she made her entrance into the club, how could you miss her. The first thing that came to my mind was ------ model. (sorry for the stereotype but c'mon give me a break) So, me being facetious I asked her was she performing tonight and she said "yep" with total confidence. Then she said, "Ima get up on stage and rap." I told her to spop kidding me but she just did one of those "ni**@ please" female smile & laugh and walked away. Next thing I know Miss Ego jumped on stage and performed her soon to be hit "Feelin' Myself" (...........right!). Oh, ok where was I....oh, don't be to quick to walk up in mixxtape monday judging a book by its cover aight,.......'cause you neva know who is going to jump on stage and blow it up.

I wanna give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to for swingin on in to the event checkin the vibe. I also wanna BIGGUP Bullet Proof Records for stoppin by as well. Suave Tré and Dj Boggie Corleone held it down as usual. BIG SHOUT-OUT to Yung Phoenix for kickin off the set and he got down wit a joint called "Blame It On The Swag" ....... he had the place jumpin with that kut. BIG SHOUT-OUT and HONORABLE MENTION to Mack Shawn who gave an unforgettable heart-felt performance with the ghetto pimp anthem "This Is My Story". Mack had the place in a zone like he was performing at the BET awards and the crowd just ate it up like birthday cake.

BIG SHOUT-OUT to Tay Red who whoooed the females with his ballad "I Want Her", Chocolate Tai performed a song called "Candy Land" which is radio ready. And I can't forget the Amp Squad........U knoooooooo! History is in the making again y'all. This group has a new song with a dance. The song is "Right Leg It Out" and they have a catchy dance that goes well with the tune. Other notable songs the Amp Squad are releasing are "DoThe Big Dude" and "I Beat It Bac".

It was so bumpin that a new category has been added to keep up with popular demand. The new category is FREESTYLE. At the end of the perfomances the Dj will spin a HOT trak and let rappers, singers and MC's have at it! BIG MAD SHOUT-OUT to all the freestylers that let lose on the mic. BIGGUP to Suave Tré for gettin his freestyle on...I see b!The ladies even got in on the action. Chocolate Tai ripped the mic as well as Miss Ego. Yung Day was in a zone and goin so hard he forgot we were in the Lou and thought he was at a national rap battle competition because when he finished the threw the cordless mic down so nobody else would have at it (mic throwing is not recommended when using our hard-earned money to buy them).
You know the sayin......I can't wait 'til to see who is gonna earn the next week's braggin rights.Here a few pix:

Yung 1$$


Yung Day

                                                           Check out Chocolate Tai freestylin