Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 11)

What happenin peeps? Well, it was another night of high energy performances  at mixxtape mondays. There was a new-comer who tore it up and her name is Boogalou (some rappers may know her from the High Pointe back in the days). There was alot of networking going on and phone numbers being exchanged. So, with all that said this week's braggin rights go to Boogalou, PK Da Don Lady and Rosegoldman.

PK Da Don Lady

                                                           Rosegoldman (striped shirt)

Big SHOUT-OUT to PK DA Don Lady for rippin it as usual as she performed a song titled "Hour Glass". Big SHOUT-OUT to The Cream Team Paper Boyz for comin with the hood anthem "Playoffs". Big SHOUT-OUT to The Amp Squad for keepin it amp during their show.
Big SHOUT-OUT to DayDay, a Next Level Music Group artist, who just back in town from Cali. Big SHOUT-OUT to The Commission for reppin the northside. Big SHOUT-OUT to Tenacious Da Terrist for puttin it down for U-City. Big SHOUT-OUT to Chocolate Tai for performing her soon to be hit "Candy Land".

The freestyle session was off the chain as many katz took their turn at spittin from the top of the dome. There was only one female rapper who got in on the action and she tore it up...her name Boogalou. The judges had a tuff time picking the top 3 freestylers so there was a rap-off between the top 4 going 2minutes a piece at each other. The top three ended up being B-Magic, Boogalou and T-Dub. Remember that the "Kings of The City" is comin up which will feature some of STL's hottest male rappers. See y'all there, peace.
Enjoy the pix:
Chocolate Tai

                                                The Cream Team Paper Boyz

K9ine Da Boss

Tenacious Da Terrist


Freestyle Session:

Some Party Pix:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Every Where I Go - Track Vandals

This is a hiphop video by the Track Vandals that was shot by Philemon aka Dj Flexx. HipHop lives.....♫

The Night Shoot (movie skit)

This is a short movie skit that was shot by Philemon aka Dj Flexx for the Track Vandals. Look out for more to come in the future. Peace.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 10)

What's up rap fans? It's been snowy for the last 2weeks but the performances last night at club escalade had it hot like fire. The artists from U-City let it be known that their music is personal and somebody out of that clique is gonna get national recognition sometime this year in 2010! Kyjuan from the St. Lunatics was in the house laid back checking out the scene and diggin the set. This week's braggin rights go to.................................................
J.Wen, Mack Shawn, Big Business and the U-City U.L.U. Movement.


Mack Shawn

Big Business

Mixxtape Mondays is generating a strong buzz y'all. I would like to thank all the supporters of this event because developing a local following is a MAJOR factor when you take your show on the road. It was a party atmosphere as many of the artists performed club bangers in which exotic dancers may find intriguing.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics for comin thru supportin the event. Big SHOUT-OUT to Vito Money and D. Scott for straight performing for the crowd every second of their songs. Big SHOUT-OUT to J.Wen for opening up the show amped up and puttin it down for the U.L.U. Movement. Big SHOUT-OUT to Big Business who mashed it up and left the crowd with a memorable performance.Big SHOUT-OUT to the Cream Team Paper Boyz and BrimLow Ent. for spittin that hood ishhh.
Big SHOUT-OUT to Young Haze, Boobie Gang, O.D. Chain, Aurellius The Saint, Tenacious Da Terrist, Janae, K-9 The Boss, Buck Marley, B Magic, The Commission, Kapital, SloRo, D Skan and Meathead.

D. Scott and Vito Money

Biggup to OG Pimpin Mack Shawn and Mack Dinero Music Group for giving an award-show type of performance. Yo, this guy with his artists are ready to hit the road and showcase in at least 5 cities. Biggup to the Bird Boyz who came thru about fifteen deep who did the videography and the artist interviews. Biggup to P.L., Cutty Mac, Suave Tre, Dj Boogie Corleone, Natasha, Money Mike, Choklate Key and Next Level Music Group for the hard work they put into this event to keep it running smooth while providing an outlet for hungry artists to perform.

Well, the staff at Next Level has added something new to the freestyle session......................$50 incentives to the top 3 freestylers! Hot diggitty dog, katz was comin out tha wood work to knock each other off their square. These dudes were goin hard on the mic but out of all the commotion Buck Marley came out on top with 1st place. Young Haze was spittin some haze as he came in a close second while 3rd place went to Cassius K. Way to go fam! Let's see who is gonna win next week's braggin rights and who will place in the TOP 3 in the freestyle session? I'll see you there.
 Enjoy the pix:
Cream Team Paper Boyz

the other half of Big Business 

Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics

a couple of ladies enjoyin themselves

one of the Bird Boyz


OD Chain

some of U-City compilation artists

Freestyle Session:

Kyjuan and ChoklateKey

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 9)

Welcome back to another edition of mixxtape  mondays (show 9) at club escalade. As you looked out of the windows of the club, the snowflakes glistened as they fell to the ground which accumulated to 4 or 5 inches. The place wasn't a full house of course because of the weather but it was a real nice crowd. And for all the people who did come out thanks for your support! Okay, this week's braggin rights go to NuSynce, Lil Ace and G-Side.

Lil Ace 

G-Side (on the right) reppin the northside

All of the artists seemed more relaxed than usual last night , I guess because the competition was not as intense but more competitive in a party type of way. The drinks were off da chain, the sound system was bangin, networking was taking place, phone numbers were being exchanged and the crowd was enjoyin the vybe and partied right along with the performances.

Big SHOUT-OUT to comedian Roc Obama for comin thru and gettin his freestyle on during the end of the set called the Freestyle Session ( and yes, this dude can flow ol skool syle). Big SHOUT-OUT to PK Da Don Lady for comin thru parlayin with us. Big SHOUT-OUT to Butta, Spic N Span, The Commission, WhiteSide, Rosegoldman, Yung Phoenix, Janae and all other artists and first-timers. Keep doin yall thing.
r&b singer Janae

BIGGUP to Big Grip Records executive Philemon for giving helpful insight to Next Level Music Group about a tour showcasing the best 7 or 8 acts out of St.Louis to perform in 10 cities which include Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Tennessee to name a few. BIGGUP to Suave Tre for doin a heck of a good job of  hosting mixxtape monday and keeping it business. BIGGUP to Cutty Mac and P.L. for a lot of the hard work that goes into make this event possible.

Oh yea, don't forget about the "Queens Of The City" which is a special edition of mixxtape monday that will feature some of the hottest female rappers, rap groups & singers and the date was originally scheduled for Feb. 22, the new date is March 1. And then one month after that Next Level will host a "Kings Of The City" in which some of the best male rappers,  rap groups & singers will do their thang as well. Don't miss these historic groundbreaking events and the quest for billboard continues.
Check out some of the pix:

Spic N Span

Amp Squad member Tez

Freestyle Session:


(this guy has charisma, sorry didnt get his name)


(another first-timer who name I didnt get but damn.....this kat laid some gangsta vicious northside flow...his face was that way the whole flow!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SuperHigh - TRACK VANDALS feat. Gilla 2 $TACK$

The following is a skit and music video featuring GILLA 2 $STACK$ of the Track Vandals ('94 and forever hiphop group). TeamWoodFarms is the company sponsoring the various projects in association with Point Blank Entertainment, LLC. TeamWoodFarms (TWF) is spearheaded by an executive investor out in northern California who appreciates the hard work and effort these guys(TWF) put into their projects with limited consumer equipment.

The main goal of the Track Vandals is to take advantage of the avenues of opportunity and give their music more exposure to a social networking audience in a visually appealing way.
We don't have the big professional video camera with light kit or an expensive $2,000+ video edit system like Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or Adobe Premiere Pro.....we have a regular consumer camcorder.
With an over saturated music and internet market competition is all over the place so TWF and PointBlank try to produce product that will stand out from the rest. We are thankful for what we have and we use what we do have to get what we need done. The ability to use your creative God given mind is one of the greatest freedoms a person can ever experience!
Check out the vid:

Mixxtape Mondays (show 8)

What's happenin St.Louis and all other visitors? Well, it was another jump off at mixxtape mondays yall. Next Level Music Group is really giving these artists a platform for exposure and a chance to showcase their talent. This is one the few venues that does NOT charge artists a performance fee. And last night the talent came out of the wood work! This week's braggin rights go to D-Boy, Buck Marley and Tas2.

Buck Marley (center)

Suave Tre kept the show runnin smooth while dj Boogie Corleone gave a few artist some constructive criticism in a good way. I think some performers need a constructive critique to make themselves aware of their stage presence. It takes practice, planning and preparation to take the music and the stage performance to the next level. The music industry is a VERY competive industry and everybody does it nowadays. Can you stand out from the rest? 

BIGGUP to the freestyle session and to all the participants! Sometimes an artist just has to cut away from the format and let loose and vent, know whutImean. BIGGUP to comedian Lil Roc (pic below) who got on the mic and put down an ol' skool OG freestyle with cocktail in hand. 
He got caught up in the moment, the vybe of the crowd and the strong of the drink..................dude was in a zone. BIGGUP to Mack Shawn from Mack Dinero Music Group for flowin that U-City OG pimpin gangsta.

Hey yo fam, there is a special mixxtape monday on February 22 themed, "Queens of the City", featuring some of St.Louis's hottest female rap artists with HOT 104.1FM on-air personality Staci Static to host the event. Look forward to seeing yall there at that historic groundbreaking undaground show!

Big SHOUT-OUT to Rosegoldman for puttin it down "big-dude" style. Big SHOUT-OUT to Lucky Lucci who had mad energy. Big SHOUT-OUT to WhiteSide for their gangsta beats and for rappin their northside anthem. Big SHOUT-OUT to the Amp Squad for thrashin in it up hood style. Big SHOUT-OUT to Tenacious Da Terrist for showin the place that he definitely is  here to stay.

Here a some pix :

FB & D-Boy

Tenacious Da Terrist & Mack Shawn

Lucky Lucci


Suave Tre & P.L.


Wes (to the left)

Rosegoldman in the crowd rockin it