Monday, December 28, 2015

Millennial rapper disses 90's Hiphop, part 1

There has been a big fuss about what a rapper said about the hiphop music of the 1990's. In an interview with Time, Vince Staples, a Long Beach post 2000 era rapper, said "The 90's get a lot of credit, I don't really know why", Staples said. "Biggie and 2Pac, those are staples of the 90's, I think that's why they get the golden era credit." Vince then went on to champion early 2000s-era rap citing the emergence of 50 Cent, Kanye West as well as the ascension of Jay-Z. "I dont really know why", said Vince. Really ??? If Vince doesn't really know why the era of golden age hiphop was called back then then look it up and FIND OUT WHY that particular time era is called the golden age."There was no 50 Cent in the 90's (in the commercial mainstream), they didn't even have a Kanye in those times but the genre of hiphop was at its zenith.

This mis-informed guy said that "the 1990's was a very successful time as far as the economy goes"... successful for who? It was very successful for white Americans and immigrants of course but not for people of African or Indigenous ancestry. The economy under Bill Clinton was atrocious so what is this guy even talking about? It seems that Vice did not do his own research because he sounded like someone who was just repeating what some other mis-informed person was saying when he mentioned the economy and former president Bill Clinton in the same sentence. Just stick with pokemon Vince. N.O.R.E., a hip hop artist from the 1990's, got into a little beef on twitter about Vince's comments about golden age hiphop.

Ok, the "Golden Era" of hiphop wasn't just in the 1990's it was also in the mid 1980's and throughout the 1990's. So, Vince's golden era statement once again showed he is ignorant to certain facts that preceded his birth. A lot of groundbreaking sounds, trends and fashion happened in the late 1980's and all throughout the 1990's. This dude said that Jay Z-'s biggest number 1 song only happened a few years ago. But what Vice doesn't mention is the FACT that Jay-Z has 13 #1 albums!!! 13 Number One Albums! WTF. With that fact just stated who needs a bunch of number one songs on the music charts when the whole album is at the top position. Just simply google Jay Z's discography and it will blow away any hiphop and/or rap artist post 2000. Google Jay Z's number 1 albums and see how many come up!

If a person is going to drop a little history about the 90's in general like the tech boom, pokemon and saxophone Bill one should have at least listened to some 90's hiphop. If he can pull up something like saxophone Bill and the economy of the 19090's then he certainly could have pulled up the hottest artists & songs of the 1990's hiphop era so with that being said, Vice Staples is a millennial cry baby who needs to do his own research instead of listening to a bunch of different opinions from people who don't know very much.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

St. Louis and Chicago connect for a hiphop song

Greetings everyone. This article is just to let the world know that hiphop lives. Hiphop is NOT DEAD it is just not televised on major TV networks and radio stations. The music today that is aired on all the major TV networks and played on all the major radio stations is not hiphop but hipPOP and that is because racism is at work to try destroy what was once a glorious art form and culture created by people of African descent.

The following video showcases 4 emcees (not rappers) keeping the hiphop spirit alive along with the musical element of an up-tempo beat. The four hiphop artists are: So 'N' So X, Lyfestile X, KD Assassin X and Aztec Dinero.

Today's rappers don't appreciate musical instruments in their songs and therefore have disconnected themselves with classical hiphop which was orchestrated by racists record label owners to castigate the art form and kill the true hiphop genre. 

MC and hip-hop philosopher KRS One describes the two terms hiphop and rap with great efficacy, stating that "rap is something that is done, while hip-hop is something that is lived".
There are 4 original elements of hiphop combined with 5 other elements making it a total of nine elements.
The original four temple elements:

The 5 cultural/economical elements:
Street fashion/Lookin fly/Swagg
Street language/Inner city vernacular
Street knowledge/The wisdom of elders that came before you
Street entrepreneur

These nine elements when combined together can help a person, group or record label get rich from hiphop. HipHop was for African Americans to benefit from because of racial discrimination in the work place. If we couldn't get a decent paying job because of the color of our skin then we could apply the 9 elements of hiphop to support our self and our families and make a decent living without the need of the racist establishment. That is why hiphop was compromised because there would have been a million young Black Americans being self sufficient which would then create a new economy and a new class of free-thinking, financially free black people (Amerikkka's biggest nightmare).  With that said, the economical success would then trickle down to our inner cities  and neighborhoods to rebuild our tattered communities. Wow! What an awesome strategy that would have been. The racist and corrupt establishments along with the private sector purposely keep black inner city communities in horrible conditions in which these allegations can be backed up with documentation but that will be for another article.

The label of “hip-hop” today, post-2000, only serves a purpose economically within the industry, allowing artists who, though they may have gotten their start within the hip-hop community, can make pop records and still be classified as “hip-hop/rap” in order to appear at the top of the heap in terms of sales.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Controversial toy by Hasbro ruined Christmas for many kids

Hasbro Inc. has been receiving a host of complaints this past holiday season from parents horrified to find that the "extruder tool" found in the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset looks exactly like a penis.

Extruder Tool, a toy for kids created by
Hasbro for Play-Doh
The phallic toy first gained publicity in November 2014, but a new wave of comments began appearing on the Play-Doh Facebook page post-Christmas after kids all across the nation had opened their gifts. Hasbro staff is reportedly deleting photos of the toy but Uproxx screenshotted several comments including one from a mom claiming the veiny-looking object ruined Christmas.

The extruder tool is meant to help decorate Play-Doh cakes, meaning that Play-Doh “frosting” is meant to be pushed out of the tip of the tool.

Whoah! Come on now, this is no mistake. These big time corporations are doing what they want to do nowadays and don't care what the outcomes are or who gets affected by their decisions.

Hasbro, the company behind Play-Doh, took no steps to respond other than to offer complaining parents replacement parts.

However, Play-Doh's efforts to do damage control after Christmas may result in unintended publicity for the dildo-shaped toy. Play-Doh is deleting Facebook posts on its site displaying the extruder, which of course only highlights the problem.

Hasbro finally did make an attempt to change the look and shape of the product but many people say the new shape looks like a sex toy.

Sources: The Huffington Post,, KTUL (Tulsa, Channel 8)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gage Nassir, promo for "Evil Gone"

Rapper Gage Nassir at the studio putting the final touches on the single, "Evil Gone",  from the album Rocket Science. Gage is from East St. Louis and has a lot of knowledge of the music industry, African & African American culture and history.

Gage, MoSkillz and I (Tha X-Fakta) had been protesting all day downtown at the FergusonOktober... and yes we  are grass roots activists as well as recording artists.