Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show5)

Yo whutup fam! It went down at Mixxtape Monday peeps. Can you say southside-southside. This week's braggin rights go to............... Monster Music & Big Thowed Muzik. They both earn that title and it was their first appearance at the event. Both of those groups tore the roof off the building like they had to prove themselves to the world. If they keep on like that, some big label is gonna pick them up, but before that started at Mixxtape Monday in U-City (and I want in {:-) joking...... NOT!}). I would support them if they went out of town to rep the LOU. Like Suave Tre keep sayin, "St.Louis is the next Atlanta yall!". Ay, it's time yall. You gotta call it like you see it and I say, " Tha vybe iz in tha air and u caint stop it".


Big SHOUT-OUT to those two katz (below in the pic) who also ripped it up like they was gonna Hamburger Hill some ishhhhhh like vietnam. I didn't get a chance to get their name but they said they are there again this coming Monday to rep ishhhh again. Hey yall, the Lou is gonna have some rap acts that are 106 & Park bound. Watch what I tell ya... you heard it here first.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Buck Marley for continuing to make his presence felt. You gotta keep an eye out on this dude because he the type to take on a small 3 to 5 city tour to create a buzz. Not to mention another U-City rap terrorist......... Tenacious Da Terrist, big SHOUT-OUT. Big SHOUT-OUT to Vito Money who came thru and showed the crowd that he is gonna be known in this rap game. Big SHOUT-OUT to Butta who effin showed her a$$. She performed a kut and has a big voice something comparable to Free from 106 & Park(when Free was a rapper) and Lil Kim. Alot of the hood compare her to Nicki Minaj but Butta is not that "baby-dollish" to sort of speak, word up. Big SHOUT-OUT to Mack Shawn for performing an O.G. pimpin classic which had the club rockin and swayin. Big SHOUT-OUT to comedian Kym for comin thru wit the laughs even though she did a lil male-bashin but it's all good.

You know what? The open-mic freestyle at the end was mad krazy. First of all, Honorable Mention to the female rapper (the female in the open mic freestyle) who spit dat ishhhh & and held her own. Honorable Mention to the white guy who came thru and blew tha mic up.....dont judge a book ya know.

This guy can and will freestyle battle against ANY dude and he will let you know he was there! Then the freestyle battle took another flaming turn when Vito Money directly turned from the crowd and made a direct inference toward Dj Flexx and the battle ensued. After a couple of exchanges Suave Tre and P.L. had to break up the lyrical skuffle in which on the 3rd exchange Vito Money was left with mic in hand. Then once the other rappers got the mic back it was business as usual and Chocolate Tai is no stranger to the mic. She spit some nice bars in a non-chalant way and the crowd was eatin it up.Big SHOUT-OUT to Yung Day who has aggression when it comes to competition and has an itchy trigger finger for clutching the mic.

BIGGUP to all the performers and freestyle artists! It's got hot yall. Who will earn next week's braggin rights?
Here are some of the pix:

                              Buck Marley

(this guy rapped his A-- off, FO REAL)

some of the Amp Squad

Rob Figga

(this chic laid it down!)



  1. Gettin it in 4 sho ...yanno Big Thowed Muzik rockin witcha!!!B.T.M or Kill YOSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The rest of the wranchas said the same....B.T.M or Kill Yoself!!!!!!lets get it in 4 da ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big Thowed Muzik 2010