Friday, December 26, 2014

Butt injections to enhance your backside?... a deadly choice.

Nowadays women in American pop culture society are looking toward cosmetic surgery to enhance their bodies. On occasional it can turn out horrifically disastrous like for Apryl Michelle Brown. Ms. Brown said she saw an opportunity to have the butt enhancement she always dreamed of and allowed a “pumper” (unlicensed person) to inject industrial-grade silicone into her buttocks. Soon after the procedure, her implants hardened and she needed lifesaving amputation of her limbs. "My quest for the perfect bottom left me with NO LIMBS", Apryl sadly exclaimed. This mother's botched black market injections led to quadruple amputation. I know she asks herself everyday was it worth it and I know the answer is an emphatic NO!
Apryl Michelle Brown after she had problems with her butt
injection. She not only had her buttocks amputated but also
a quadruple lower arm & leg amputation.

Hair stylist Apryl Michelle Brown, from LA, spent five years in excruciating pain when an unlicensed practitioner injected her buttocks with bathroom sealant, telling her it was silicone, in order to enhance them.
"Eventually they went in and removed the silicone, along with the butt cheeks," said Apryl. "It was then it became infected and they gave me 24 hours to live. I remember feeling relieved when I heard that."

Doctors induced Apryl into a coma and carried out 27 operations, including a buttock amputation and a quadruple lower arm and lower leg amputation. "I didn't know this until I came around," she said. "When I woke up I had no butt and I wasn't in pain anymore."

Buttock enhancement surgery is becoming popular in the U.S., among women who aspire to the shapely curves of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and singer Nicki Minaj. The backside beauty of a larger gluteas maximus has become increasingly more fashionable among young women since the rise of the 'Hip Hop Honey' phenomenon.
A bigger posterior lateral has become almost a prerequisite for any aspiring dancer wanting to make it into the music video scene (video vixens). And in their desperation to beat off the competition, many ladies resort to having surgery to get ahead.
Claudia Aderotimi, dancer & aspiring hiphop
recording artist from London, died from an illegal
buttocks injection.

Claudia Aderotimi dies in the U.S. after 'butt-boost' jab. Aderotimi, a dancer and aspiring hip-hop star, traveled with friends from London to Philadelphia in order to undergo the illegal procedure of buttocks injections to enhance her rear end, a prerequisite for many young women in the industry. Ms. Aderotimi and friends checked into a budget hotel where a ‘doctor’ carried out the injection. The illegal procedure went terribly wrong and Claudia began to experience agonizing pains. A day later she was dead.

In these times it seems like just as many middle-aged women are going under the knife than young women and they both are taking enormous risks in the pursuit of a bigger, smoother rounder booty but the price to pay is health risks and sometimes the price to pay ends in a deadly outcome.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Inner City Blacks dying for expensive "biggie" jackets

I was very disappointed when I came across several articles about young black kids killing each other for an overpriced jacket called a "biggie" or "big boy". The real name for the jacket is Marmot Mammoth Parka, a heavyweight down jacket with a Gore-Tex shell. They come in several colors and cost around $700. For each jacket sold, a salesperson got a $7 or $8 commission, nearly double what they'd make for the next highest commission item (a technical ski jacket from Arc'Teryx that almost no one ever so much as tried on). I am not against buying expensive clothing if you honestly work and then you can spend your hard earned money to buy whatever you want buy. Robbing another person and taking their life for an article of clothing is wrong, barbaric and insane... there is no possible excuse to partake in criminal behavior just because you want something popular and expensive.
Group of black youth wearing the infamous biggie jackets
What puzzles me is that this nonsense is still going on in black communities. Back in the early and mid 1990's, many black youths were being robbed and killed for their starter jackets and Air Jordan's. Fast forward to 2014 and the same sick mentality still exists. I thought the inner city black community had moved on from this insane mentality but I was wrong. The endless consumption from poor inner city youth to wear and cherish overpriced clothing is a mental illness and these big corporations don't give a damn about the killings in the ghetto they just know it brings in hundreds of millions of dollars for them. Air Jordan's are made in China very very cheap and are sold in the United States for a price that far exceed the worth of the sneaker.

Marmot is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company founded in 1974 as Marmot Mountain Works.The company was founded in Grand Junction Colorado by local resident Tom Boyce and by two University of California, Santa Cruz students, David Huntley and Eric Reynolds, who wished to make their own mountaineering equipment. I do find it odd that Marmot would make a piece with no sports application exclusively for Paragon, sell it for so much, and make so many in such big sizes, ...hmmm corporate greed and exploitation... but it is not illegal.

Several black males wearing "biggie" jackets.  Over $5,000
worth of jackets between these guys.

A man was shot at a skating rink at Bryant Park over his Marmot Mammoth "Biggie" jacket, reports the Business Insider. Cops have now taken 16-year-old Corey Dunton in for questioning, with charges still pending, according to The New York Times.

This isn't the first time the notorious "Biggie", a $630 jacket that was sold exclusively through Paragon Sports but was discontinued last year (a Paragon Sports sales rep told the Daily News that the remaining stock went on sale for $200, and sold out a few weeks ago), has been the cause of such crimes. In 2010, Malik Jenkins, was struck by two cars after three men tried to steal his coat. The trio were indicted the following year for the 18-year-old's death. The suspects tried to steal Malik's $600 coat. Malik Jenkins was wearing his friend's Marmot Mammoth - known as the "Biggie" - when he broke free from four men who tried to rob him on Dec. 29, 2010.
In 2013 Raphael Ward, 16, was shot in the chest on the Lower East Side also over the same jacket.

Sources:, NY Daily News, New York Post

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sony execs slam Kevin Hart and President Obama in leaked racist emails

Nothing is safe in these so-called digital clouds! First Hollywood was exposed in a series of leaked nude images showcasing some of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars. Now, hackers are exposing the intimate conversations from some very powerful Caucasian Americans, whose correspondence on people like funnyman Kevin Hart and President Obama may shock you.
In the New York Post the headlines read "Sony exec Amy Pascal is calling everyone for support". Support for what? Support for her hateful and racist comments about President Barack Obama and comedian Kevin Hart. As for Scott Rudin, he is known as Hollywood's biggest a-hole. But I do agree with what Rudin said about Angelina Jolie when called her a "minimally talented spoiled brat looking to take a luxurious soak in a $180 million ego bath"... this comment is from a series of scathing emails leaked by Sony hackers.
Amy Pascal, Sony executive

The New York Post article further mentions that 'The ongoing attack has revealed piles of embarrassing emails exposed by the hacking group, thought to be connected to North Korea.' How are these email embarrassing? They are exactly what they are... cruel racist diatribe between people who feel the same way about people of African descent. The ONLY reason they are embarrassing is because she (Amy Pascal) got caught red-handed. Once again, the contradiction and lies that these kind of folks stand for. Whites and other foreign groups of people love to say they are so tired of black people talking about race. Well damn, just take a look at these racist emails especially about the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. That's why black Americans always talk about racism in Amerikkka. This is because there is no such thing as "playing the race card". Racism is so evident that to refer to it as 'playing' is a sick, sadistic, mental illness of denial of the truth.

In an email leaked earlier this week, Sony Pictures co-chair, Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin, made racist jokes about what they believe to be President Obama’s favorite choice of film …
Rudin: “Would he like to finance some movies.”
Pascal: “I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?”
Rudin: “12 YEARS.” [(12 Years a Slave depicted the abuse suffered by a free black man forced     into slavery].
Pascal: “Or the butler. Or think like a man? [sic]”
Rudin: “Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart.”

Hollywood producer, Scott Rudin
Interestingly enough, Pascal was a donor for Obama’s re-election campaign. As expected, Pascal immediately issued an apology. “Private emails between friends and colleagues written in haste and without much thought or sensitivity, even when the content of them is meant to be in jest, can result in offense where none was intended,” said Pascal. Yeah, right. She just told on herself! If her emails to friends and colleagues "were in haste and without much thought or sensitivity" means that her racist views are rooted very deeply in her subconscious without her even thinking about it and to minimalize it is absurd and psychotic. Mind you, these were PRIVATE emails so you know what kind of racist talk, attitudes and behavior goes on behind closed doors. This is the same old story by racists and all they have to do is apologize and all is forgiven huh. This just shows the wicked truth on how white Americans view black Americans. 

I also have another major question and this may go off the subject a bit but Hollywood is all about glitz, glamour and looks. With the recent Sony email leaks with racial epithets being a big part of private discussions I humbly ask the question of why do white Americans tan?... and get lip injections (when they make fun of blacks with full lips)... and cheek bone implants to make them have high-cheek bones (typical African features) like black people?... why do white Americans get breast implants and butt implants that imitate voluptuous black women who are created full-figured naturally by the Almighty Creator God! {voluptuous, of a woman , [adj]-very attractive because of having large hips, buttocks and breasts}. Cosmetic plastic surgery includes surgical procedures that reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem. For example, buttock augmentation, or gluteal augmentation surgery, is sometimes commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift (when performed with fat transfer) and involves using implants or fat grafting, or sometimes a combination of both, to increase the size of your buttocks. White Americans spend trillions of dollars on cosmetic surgery every year. The cosmetic surgery trend has now spread to Asia, South America and Australia. Something must be truly wrong with the way white women view themselves or else they would not go to such extremes to get these cosmetic surgeries. They must have a very deep self hatred for themselves much deeper than ANY black woman could ever hate herself.

In another email exchange between Pascal, studio exec Clint Culpepper and Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, Kevin Hart comes under fire after he allegedly refused to promote their film on Twitter.
“It’s not as if we paid him 3M and 4M respectively for his last 2 films thinking he might be nominated. We paid for his ability to open a film which included his social media savvy. I feel like this is something that should be negotiated going into the film as opposed to after the fact. It feels tantamount to buying a car and then upon picking it up being told that the engine will cost extra. I’m tempted to suggest we call his bluff. If he doesn’t do his normal routine, his film will not open as well and his brand will appear diminished and he will- in fact – be f******g himself because we have his next 2 immediate films. And then there’s the social media precedent we’re setting…especially in light of the fact that Channing [Tatum] is at the same agency…..”I’m not saying he’s a whore, but he’s a whore.”

Source: The New York Post, Rolling Out ,  BBC,,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Distasteful VH-1 reality show, "Sorority Sisters", is a new low in Black America

I am writing this post in disbelief that a show in which VH-1 produced called, "Sorority Sisters", is actually being broadcast over cable network television. This show is looked at by other groups of people to show the world how Black Americans, college educated people, act no different than your stereotypical ghetto, ratchet, hood nigga bi*##. This show proves that the dollar is the preferred religious method of attainment over dignity, vibrant culture and progression toward equal rights.

Whoever these black women are just regressed the black culture to a period of the early Jim Crow era. I thought that getting a college education was supposed to improve your situation for equal opportunity in the workforce and better treatment of a person's civil rights. Not in these day and times. Instead of improving and developing the current situation of African Americans in a racially divided country these shows promote the exact opposite.
Typical caricature of a black man
in the early 1900's

Back in the days of the Jim Crow era, plays were put on by white people in black face called minstrel shows. These shows were meant to demean, hurt and ridicule another group of people purposefully. When television was invented these minstrel shows were broadcast nationwide in people's living rooms. A famous writer said, "If I could have the nigger show back again in its pristine purity, I should have little use for opera." -- Mark Twain.

Minstrel performances evolved from several different American entertainment traditions; the traveling circus, medicine shows, shivaree, Irish dance and music with African syncopated rhythms, musical halls and traveling theatre. 
T.D. Rice, the father of American

The "father of American minstrelsy" was Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice (1808-60), who in 1828, in a New York City theatre, performed a song-and-dance routine in blackface and tattered clothes. Rice's character was based on a folk trickster persona named Jim Crow that was long popular among black slaves. Rice also adapted and popularized a traditional slave song called Jump Jim Crow.   
His act was an immediate sensation and while continuing to prefect the routine, Rice gained fame and fortune by performing it throughout the U.S. and in England.

In 1842, the songwriter Daniel Decatur Emmett and three companions devised a program of singing and dancing in blackface to the accompaniment of bone castanets, fiddle, banjo, and tambourine. Calling themselves the Virginia Minstrels, they made their first public appearance in February 1843 in a New York City theater.
The show was so popular that many imitators emerged while the demand for minstrel shows quickly became insatiable {insatiable, [adj] - incapable of being satisfied, always wanting more; from Merriam-Webster Dictionary}. In 1844, only one year after the first performance of the Virginia Minstrels, a blackface minstrel troupe called the Ethiopian Serenaders played at the White House for the "Especial Amusement of the President of the United States, His Family and Friends."  Wow, no wonder this country is divided on the issue of race and the system of racism/white supremacy.

Televised Black Minstrel Show

Blackface performers are, "...the filthy scum of white society, who have stolen from us a complexion denied them by nature, in which to make money, and pander to the corrupt taste of their white fellow citizens." -- Frederick Douglass

Initially, Blacks were able to participate in minstrel shows only by declaring themselves "real coons." The minstrel shows of the 21st century are performed by eager and willing African Americans with shows like: Love and Hiphop, Basketball Wives (in which they are not even wives), Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hollywood Divas, Football Wives and Sorority Sisters. Sadly there are so many more to name but I won't do that in this article so I'll address all the other reality minstrel shows in another post.

Sources: Ohio History Central,,, U.S. History Scene, Ferris State University, Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia


Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Louis radio Dj keeps hiphop art form alive

On-air radio personality, D-Ex, keeps the hiphop art form of deejaying and turntablism alive as he demonstrates his technique live on the air at KDHX 88.1 FM. A radio show called, Deep Krate Radio, hosted by D-Ex and Dj Iceman airs every Friday night from 9-11pm. These two dj's are part of an ensemble known as the Wax Murdaraz and they bring you the latest and all-time greatest hiphop sounds, songs, scratches and mixes live on the air nonstop.

Wax Murdaraz are a group of hip-hop musicians specialising in vinyl deejaying and music production. The group operates Wax Murdaraz Professional DJ Skool in St. Louis, Missouri training people in hip-hop deejaying.

D-Ex, 88.1 FM radio personality and dj
Founding members (Da Fly) D-Ex and DJ Professional (formerly DJ Finesse) recorded a number of tapes together in the late 1980s under the name Pest Realm and released these tapes independently from 1989 to 1995.

The duo later adopted the alias "Wax Murdaraz" and in 1998 began constructing turntable "band" routines to present in a live format.

Dj Professional, Wax Murdaraz dj

In 1999, D-Ex recruited deejays B-Money (who has since produced music for Jay-Z and 50 Cent), Furius "Iceman" Stylz, DJ K-Nine, Charlie Chan (former DJ for Da Brat; as of 2002, deejaying full-time for Darryl "DMC" McDaniels), and DJ Scratch protégé Mocha Sunflower. Wax Murdaraz went on to recruit battle legend King IXL in 2002.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Desmond Zion Albert

Born in rural Dominica West Indies, Desmond Zion Albert’s musical landscape was shaped at an early age by the messages of  perseverance, endurance, self and spiritual empowerment in the Roots Reggae Movement of the 1970′s.

It was after moving to St. Croix, that Zion blew away a local music producer with songs like “United We Stand” and “Here Comes The Woman”.  He demonstrated the depth and consciousness of an older soul trapped inside a humble and quiet 16 year old. “While everyone my age used to listen to more younger popular music, I was drawn to conscious Reggae music. I never really choose to do music … it was just inside of me. Once I learned to play the guitar as a teenager, it was like a natural thing. It was Jah’s guidance”.

Since immigrating to the United States, Zion’s music has spread from the Caribbean to the Southern and Midwestern parts of the states where he has built a sizable following as one of the few Caribbean artists in these Hip Hop dominated communities. This talented artist performed at events such as The Texas Summer Music Conference and The Hip Hop Action Summit Network. Check out Desmond Zion Albert's website

Zion, pictured in the middle, at Tuff Gong International Studio
With his sights set on seasoned Caribbean audiences of the Northeast, Zion wowed the producers of New York’s premiere outdoor Reggae festival, Irie Jamboree in 2005 so much so that he was invited back to bring down the house again in 2006. Desmond Zion Albert was the sole roots artist invited by Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer, to perform at the New York Launch of Saddle to the East 2006, where he won over scores of hardcore Dancehall fans. Zion said, “My biggest goal is to come back home to help my people and spread the message of hope, togetherness love and peace. My greatest accomplishment is recording at Tuff Gong International, Bob Marley’s studio, in Jamaica”. In 2006, Zion formed a band called, Zion and The Lion Roots Band. Since November 8 of 2012 the band has opened up for a number of international artists such as Pato Banton in 2010, The Wailers Band in 2012, Mighty Diamonds in May of 2012 and Luciano in 2013. Check out more of Zion on facebook.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

St. Louis-based hiphop group D.O.A. featuring Young Noble of The Outlaws

A St. Louis-based hiphop group, D.O.A., is the modern embodiment of what rap music is supposed to be about today which is exposing racist Amerikkka for what it is. This group has the sound of revolution that puts listeners right in the middle of the intersection of West Florissant Ave. and Canfield Drive also known as "Ground Zero" which on August 9, 2014 a Ferguson police officer brutally murdered a young 18 year old unarmed black man named Michael Brown Jr.

The song "Born Targets", features Young Noble (from 2pac's legendary rap group The Outlaws), is a narrative describing the uprising in Ferguson. The song challenges authority and influences listeners to take a really deep look at Amerikkkan society. The song also has a sound reminiscent of hiphop from the era of the mid 1990's that is dark, gritty and thought provoking.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yard Squad @ Club 2720 with Desmond Zion Albert

The reggae band, Yard Squad, played @ Club 2720 featuring the roots reggae artist Desmond Zion Albert also known as Zion. This video is a promo edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 by Philly (also known as Dj Flexx).

Zion was the main act of the Summer Reggae Festival 2014 in which several local artists opened up the show along with Jamaican artist Richy Rych.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reggae artist, Desmond Zion Albert, performed at the Summer Reggae Festival 2014 @ Club 2720 in St. Louis, MO. The band playing that night was Yard Squad, who was in a zone vybing out.

I have other footage from this event so stay tuned...
Jamaican artist Richie Rich headlined the event along with local artists who opened the show.

Local artists include Nikki L, Sojourner and Dez Irie. Zion gave a lively performance by not only singing while playing the lead guitar but also playing the congas as well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is a video that explains why Black Americans are upset about the Michael Brown murder. The two commentators are Dr. Brittany Cooper, Assist. Professor of Women's, Gender & African American Studies at Rutgers University; and David Wall Rice.

I only have a link to the video because the major news outlets don't upload videos to you tube about relevant controversial issues because they want all the traffic to go to their site. But this video is worth the watch because the two commentators present the issue of race in America very poignantly.
Here's the link:

Insolent Politics


Monday, August 25, 2014

Fan reactions at SWV concert in STL

Hello everyone. I know I have been off the radar for little over a year now but I was working 2 jobs to make some ends meet (I know you understand the situation in this economy). I will be back up and running this fall with some new fresh and exciting videos from different events in the St. Louis area.
These are some fan reactions at the SWV concert at FOX Sports Midwest Live! in Ballpark Village. The event took place Sunday Aug. 10, 2014 in St. Louis, MO.

The last person in the video is 100.3 FM's radio personality "BJ the DJ" who co-hosted the event with fellow radio personality Tammy Holland.