Tuesday, December 29, 2009

STL UndaGround Scene: Mixxtape Mondays (show3)

Whut up St.Louis and everybody else out there! It's time to get the scoop on this past MIXXTAPE MONDAYS. Well y'all, once again rap acts were scrappin it out for this week's braggin rights for who "BLEW UP THA SPOT". The rap group K.F.P. (Known For Pimpin) would be the front runner in my humble opinion. These guys had energy and a certain swag. They have a fan base for sure because when they took the stage, their fans rushed to the stage and kicked it the whole performance. I don't know how long these guys been doing this but they puttin it down fam. You could tell they love what they do.

I wanna give a shout out to Dj Boogie Corleone for mixin it up real nice on the 1's and 2's. Due to an overwhelming response from artists to perform their music and due to limited timing, groups and solo artists need to be at the club with their music by 9:30pm. Boogie Corleone had to inform and explain the rules a couple of times that night to let everyone know that you just can't stroll in at 10:30pm with your cd expecting to perform. We have to be fair to ALL artists who get to the club ON TIME to sign up to perform because this event is not about favoritism....aight peeps! Let's keep it 1hundred or like Uncle Sunny would say, "Let's keep it 98and2".

Biggups to all the hiphop headz out there as well. I was very suprised but not shocked that the Lou has so many true hiphop katz who represent for the culture and are still preserving it in its true art form! Me being a hiphop kat myself would really like to do a collaboration with a few of the hiphop groups that represent for the culture. And to the hardcore rap acts out there, keep it trill , keep it gangsta and do what it do.

Big shout out to Suave Tré for keepin the vibe flowin. There where a couple of celebrities in the house. BET comedian G-Thang came thru and he was enjoyin himself y'all. Also comedian Lil Rock Obama was in the house checkin out the scene and Chocolate Tai from Derrty Ent. came thru chillin. Big shout out to Next Level Music Group for putting this event together.

Who is gonna earn  next weeks braggin rights? We'll just have to wait and see.

Day Day

Rob Figga

            BET comedian G-Thang & Dj Flexx

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