Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 9)

Welcome back to another edition of mixxtape  mondays (show 9) at club escalade. As you looked out of the windows of the club, the snowflakes glistened as they fell to the ground which accumulated to 4 or 5 inches. The place wasn't a full house of course because of the weather but it was a real nice crowd. And for all the people who did come out thanks for your support! Okay, this week's braggin rights go to NuSynce, Lil Ace and G-Side.

Lil Ace 

G-Side (on the right) reppin the northside

All of the artists seemed more relaxed than usual last night , I guess because the competition was not as intense but more competitive in a party type of way. The drinks were off da chain, the sound system was bangin, networking was taking place, phone numbers were being exchanged and the crowd was enjoyin the vybe and partied right along with the performances.

Big SHOUT-OUT to comedian Roc Obama for comin thru and gettin his freestyle on during the end of the set called the Freestyle Session ( and yes, this dude can flow ol skool syle). Big SHOUT-OUT to PK Da Don Lady for comin thru parlayin with us. Big SHOUT-OUT to Butta, Spic N Span, The Commission, WhiteSide, Rosegoldman, Yung Phoenix, Janae and all other artists and first-timers. Keep doin yall thing.
r&b singer Janae

BIGGUP to Big Grip Records executive Philemon for giving helpful insight to Next Level Music Group about a tour showcasing the best 7 or 8 acts out of St.Louis to perform in 10 cities which include Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Tennessee to name a few. BIGGUP to Suave Tre for doin a heck of a good job of  hosting mixxtape monday and keeping it business. BIGGUP to Cutty Mac and P.L. for a lot of the hard work that goes into make this event possible.

Oh yea, don't forget about the "Queens Of The City" which is a special edition of mixxtape monday that will feature some of the hottest female rappers, rap groups & singers and the date was originally scheduled for Feb. 22, the new date is March 1. And then one month after that Next Level will host a "Kings Of The City" in which some of the best male rappers,  rap groups & singers will do their thang as well. Don't miss these historic groundbreaking events and the quest for billboard continues.
Check out some of the pix:

Spic N Span

Amp Squad member Tez

Freestyle Session:


(this guy has charisma, sorry didnt get his name)


(another first-timer who name I didnt get but damn.....this kat laid some gangsta vicious northside flow...his face was that way the whole flow!)

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