Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 8)

What's happenin St.Louis and all other visitors? Well, it was another jump off at mixxtape mondays yall. Next Level Music Group is really giving these artists a platform for exposure and a chance to showcase their talent. This is one the few venues that does NOT charge artists a performance fee. And last night the talent came out of the wood work! This week's braggin rights go to D-Boy, Buck Marley and Tas2.

Buck Marley (center)

Suave Tre kept the show runnin smooth while dj Boogie Corleone gave a few artist some constructive criticism in a good way. I think some performers need a constructive critique to make themselves aware of their stage presence. It takes practice, planning and preparation to take the music and the stage performance to the next level. The music industry is a VERY competive industry and everybody does it nowadays. Can you stand out from the rest? 

BIGGUP to the freestyle session and to all the participants! Sometimes an artist just has to cut away from the format and let loose and vent, know whutImean. BIGGUP to comedian Lil Roc (pic below) who got on the mic and put down an ol' skool OG freestyle with cocktail in hand. 
He got caught up in the moment, the vybe of the crowd and the strong of the drink..................dude was in a zone. BIGGUP to Mack Shawn from Mack Dinero Music Group for flowin that U-City OG pimpin gangsta.

Hey yo fam, there is a special mixxtape monday on February 22 themed, "Queens of the City", featuring some of St.Louis's hottest female rap artists with HOT 104.1FM on-air personality Staci Static to host the event. Look forward to seeing yall there at that historic groundbreaking undaground show!

Big SHOUT-OUT to Rosegoldman for puttin it down "big-dude" style. Big SHOUT-OUT to Lucky Lucci who had mad energy. Big SHOUT-OUT to WhiteSide for their gangsta beats and for rappin their northside anthem. Big SHOUT-OUT to the Amp Squad for thrashin in it up hood style. Big SHOUT-OUT to Tenacious Da Terrist for showin the place that he definitely is  here to stay.

Here a some pix :

FB & D-Boy

Tenacious Da Terrist & Mack Shawn

Lucky Lucci


Suave Tre & P.L.


Wes (to the left)

Rosegoldman in the crowd rockin it

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