Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 11)

What happenin peeps? Well, it was another night of high energy performances  at mixxtape mondays. There was a new-comer who tore it up and her name is Boogalou (some rappers may know her from the High Pointe back in the days). There was alot of networking going on and phone numbers being exchanged. So, with all that said this week's braggin rights go to Boogalou, PK Da Don Lady and Rosegoldman.

PK Da Don Lady

                                                           Rosegoldman (striped shirt)

Big SHOUT-OUT to PK DA Don Lady for rippin it as usual as she performed a song titled "Hour Glass". Big SHOUT-OUT to The Cream Team Paper Boyz for comin with the hood anthem "Playoffs". Big SHOUT-OUT to The Amp Squad for keepin it amp during their show.
Big SHOUT-OUT to DayDay, a Next Level Music Group artist, who just back in town from Cali. Big SHOUT-OUT to The Commission for reppin the northside. Big SHOUT-OUT to Tenacious Da Terrist for puttin it down for U-City. Big SHOUT-OUT to Chocolate Tai for performing her soon to be hit "Candy Land".

The freestyle session was off the chain as many katz took their turn at spittin from the top of the dome. There was only one female rapper who got in on the action and she tore it up...her name Boogalou. The judges had a tuff time picking the top 3 freestylers so there was a rap-off between the top 4 going 2minutes a piece at each other. The top three ended up being B-Magic, Boogalou and T-Dub. Remember that the "Kings of The City" is comin up which will feature some of STL's hottest male rappers. See y'all there, peace.
Enjoy the pix:
Chocolate Tai

                                                The Cream Team Paper Boyz

K9ine Da Boss

Tenacious Da Terrist


Freestyle Session:

Some Party Pix:

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