Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mixxtape Mondays (show 10)

What's up rap fans? It's been snowy for the last 2weeks but the performances last night at club escalade had it hot like fire. The artists from U-City let it be known that their music is personal and somebody out of that clique is gonna get national recognition sometime this year in 2010! Kyjuan from the St. Lunatics was in the house laid back checking out the scene and diggin the set. This week's braggin rights go to.................................................
J.Wen, Mack Shawn, Big Business and the U-City U.L.U. Movement.


Mack Shawn

Big Business

Mixxtape Mondays is generating a strong buzz y'all. I would like to thank all the supporters of this event because developing a local following is a MAJOR factor when you take your show on the road. It was a party atmosphere as many of the artists performed club bangers in which exotic dancers may find intriguing.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics for comin thru supportin the event. Big SHOUT-OUT to Vito Money and D. Scott for straight performing for the crowd every second of their songs. Big SHOUT-OUT to J.Wen for opening up the show amped up and puttin it down for the U.L.U. Movement. Big SHOUT-OUT to Big Business who mashed it up and left the crowd with a memorable performance.Big SHOUT-OUT to the Cream Team Paper Boyz and BrimLow Ent. for spittin that hood ishhh.
Big SHOUT-OUT to Young Haze, Boobie Gang, O.D. Chain, Aurellius The Saint, Tenacious Da Terrist, Janae, K-9 The Boss, Buck Marley, B Magic, The Commission, Kapital, SloRo, D Skan and Meathead.

D. Scott and Vito Money

Biggup to OG Pimpin Mack Shawn and Mack Dinero Music Group for giving an award-show type of performance. Yo, this guy with his artists are ready to hit the road and showcase in at least 5 cities. Biggup to the Bird Boyz who came thru about fifteen deep who did the videography and the artist interviews. Biggup to P.L., Cutty Mac, Suave Tre, Dj Boogie Corleone, Natasha, Money Mike, Choklate Key and Next Level Music Group for the hard work they put into this event to keep it running smooth while providing an outlet for hungry artists to perform.

Well, the staff at Next Level has added something new to the freestyle session......................$50 incentives to the top 3 freestylers! Hot diggitty dog, katz was comin out tha wood work to knock each other off their square. These dudes were goin hard on the mic but out of all the commotion Buck Marley came out on top with 1st place. Young Haze was spittin some haze as he came in a close second while 3rd place went to Cassius K. Way to go fam! Let's see who is gonna win next week's braggin rights and who will place in the TOP 3 in the freestyle session? I'll see you there.
 Enjoy the pix:
Cream Team Paper Boyz

the other half of Big Business 

Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics

a couple of ladies enjoyin themselves

one of the Bird Boyz


OD Chain

some of U-City compilation artists

Freestyle Session:

Kyjuan and ChoklateKey

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