Thursday, December 17, 2009

STL UndaGround Scene: Mixxtape Mondays

What up St.Louis! Well, if you didn't know you are about to know about the revitalized undaground movement in the Lou. Every Monday night at Club Es·ca·lade (in U-City), there is an open mic for performers to showcase their talent. This event gives singers, rappers and poets a chance to let people hear what they have to say. It is also a great avenue for exposure because some of St. Louis's best shakers and movers come out to this event to see if they can discover the next BIG artist to hit the scene.

This past Monday (Dec.14, '09) I witnessed some very good groups and individual artists. To my surprise, EVERYONE did a great job. All the acts were full of energy and it was also very competitive as well. Everyone who performed had to step it up a notch just to keep up with the competition. The host, Suave Tré, did an excellent job hosting the event as he further gave energy to the performers and kept the crowd tuned in. Suave brought something else to the event which was something very unusual for St.Louis and that something is FAIR, UN-BIASED and POSITIVE vibes which truly made it a STRESS-FREE ENVIRONMENT! The crowd gave every performer a round of applause for support. That was really refreshing to see St.Louis artists supporting each other. Great job of hosting Suave Trey!! Keep it up.

P.S. I forgot to tell y'all that the original name of the event was called "Mic-Check Monday" but there was an event already called that which we were unaware of. I am a bonifide journalist and concert promoter and I have never heard of a "mic check monday" in St.Louis until a couple rap artists informed me that they were using the name for about 2years now. Also the rap guys said that their event was an underground event...that's probably why I never heard about it because they didn't advertise. Well, to keep everyone happy and everything peaceful our event is now officially changed to "MIXXTAPE MONDAYS".

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