Saturday, December 6, 2014

Desmond Zion Albert

Born in rural Dominica West Indies, Desmond Zion Albert’s musical landscape was shaped at an early age by the messages of  perseverance, endurance, self and spiritual empowerment in the Roots Reggae Movement of the 1970′s.

It was after moving to St. Croix, that Zion blew away a local music producer with songs like “United We Stand” and “Here Comes The Woman”.  He demonstrated the depth and consciousness of an older soul trapped inside a humble and quiet 16 year old. “While everyone my age used to listen to more younger popular music, I was drawn to conscious Reggae music. I never really choose to do music … it was just inside of me. Once I learned to play the guitar as a teenager, it was like a natural thing. It was Jah’s guidance”.

Since immigrating to the United States, Zion’s music has spread from the Caribbean to the Southern and Midwestern parts of the states where he has built a sizable following as one of the few Caribbean artists in these Hip Hop dominated communities. This talented artist performed at events such as The Texas Summer Music Conference and The Hip Hop Action Summit Network. Check out Desmond Zion Albert's website

Zion, pictured in the middle, at Tuff Gong International Studio
With his sights set on seasoned Caribbean audiences of the Northeast, Zion wowed the producers of New York’s premiere outdoor Reggae festival, Irie Jamboree in 2005 so much so that he was invited back to bring down the house again in 2006. Desmond Zion Albert was the sole roots artist invited by Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer, to perform at the New York Launch of Saddle to the East 2006, where he won over scores of hardcore Dancehall fans. Zion said, “My biggest goal is to come back home to help my people and spread the message of hope, togetherness love and peace. My greatest accomplishment is recording at Tuff Gong International, Bob Marley’s studio, in Jamaica”. In 2006, Zion formed a band called, Zion and The Lion Roots Band. Since November 8 of 2012 the band has opened up for a number of international artists such as Pato Banton in 2010, The Wailers Band in 2012, Mighty Diamonds in May of 2012 and Luciano in 2013. Check out more of Zion on facebook.

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