Friday, December 26, 2014

Butt injections to enhance your backside?... a deadly choice.

Nowadays women in American pop culture society are looking toward cosmetic surgery to enhance their bodies. On occasional it can turn out horrifically disastrous like for Apryl Michelle Brown. Ms. Brown said she saw an opportunity to have the butt enhancement she always dreamed of and allowed a “pumper” (unlicensed person) to inject industrial-grade silicone into her buttocks. Soon after the procedure, her implants hardened and she needed lifesaving amputation of her limbs. "My quest for the perfect bottom left me with NO LIMBS", Apryl sadly exclaimed. This mother's botched black market injections led to quadruple amputation. I know she asks herself everyday was it worth it and I know the answer is an emphatic NO!
Apryl Michelle Brown after she had problems with her butt
injection. She not only had her buttocks amputated but also
a quadruple lower arm & leg amputation.

Hair stylist Apryl Michelle Brown, from LA, spent five years in excruciating pain when an unlicensed practitioner injected her buttocks with bathroom sealant, telling her it was silicone, in order to enhance them.
"Eventually they went in and removed the silicone, along with the butt cheeks," said Apryl. "It was then it became infected and they gave me 24 hours to live. I remember feeling relieved when I heard that."

Doctors induced Apryl into a coma and carried out 27 operations, including a buttock amputation and a quadruple lower arm and lower leg amputation. "I didn't know this until I came around," she said. "When I woke up I had no butt and I wasn't in pain anymore."

Buttock enhancement surgery is becoming popular in the U.S., among women who aspire to the shapely curves of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and singer Nicki Minaj. The backside beauty of a larger gluteas maximus has become increasingly more fashionable among young women since the rise of the 'Hip Hop Honey' phenomenon.
A bigger posterior lateral has become almost a prerequisite for any aspiring dancer wanting to make it into the music video scene (video vixens). And in their desperation to beat off the competition, many ladies resort to having surgery to get ahead.
Claudia Aderotimi, dancer & aspiring hiphop
recording artist from London, died from an illegal
buttocks injection.

Claudia Aderotimi dies in the U.S. after 'butt-boost' jab. Aderotimi, a dancer and aspiring hip-hop star, traveled with friends from London to Philadelphia in order to undergo the illegal procedure of buttocks injections to enhance her rear end, a prerequisite for many young women in the industry. Ms. Aderotimi and friends checked into a budget hotel where a ‘doctor’ carried out the injection. The illegal procedure went terribly wrong and Claudia began to experience agonizing pains. A day later she was dead.

In these times it seems like just as many middle-aged women are going under the knife than young women and they both are taking enormous risks in the pursuit of a bigger, smoother rounder booty but the price to pay is health risks and sometimes the price to pay ends in a deadly outcome.


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