Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Featured Underground Hiphop Artists 2015

The year 2015 has come and gone and in today's rap world it is common place to imitate whatever artist is the most popular at the time. Well, in the year 2016, it's hard to believe that the history of where rap came from is lost in the commercial mainstream. For people who don't know how rap came about I want to kindly say that rap is the child of Hiphop. I capitalize the word "hiphop" because I sometimes use it as a proper noun.

I sympathize with many of the Millennials who don't know that rap is the offspring of Hiphop. Rap is a type of music genre but hip hop is a whole entire culture that encompasses the rich cultural heritage of the ethnic people who created it. Hiphop music began in the underground and expressed itself as an outcry of music that defined the beginning of a generation that would live forever.

The big super rich commercial record labels have tried their best to corrupt the true intentions of hip hop and the message it brings along with the enjoyment of having a good time while uplifting their people in a positive way.

The following video highlights several different underground hip hop artists with different styles and flows. This is an important list because more and more underground hip hop artists are getting publicity, more listens and more control over their music. Even though this list doesn't cover the majority of underground artists, these artists in the video are doing a great job of representing and respecting the culture and art form of Hiphop.

I wanna give a BIGG UP to all of these hip hop artists for keepin the art form alive...Word Up! Lyrics mean everything to Hiphop heads. Keep those thoughtful concepts coming so a new middle class can be created.

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