Monday, December 28, 2015

Millennial rapper disses 90's Hiphop, part 1

There has been a big fuss about what a rapper said about the hiphop music of the 1990's. In an interview with Time, Vince Staples, a Long Beach post 2000 era rapper, said "The 90's get a lot of credit, I don't really know why", Staples said. "Biggie and 2Pac, those are staples of the 90's, I think that's why they get the golden era credit." Vince then went on to champion early 2000s-era rap citing the emergence of 50 Cent, Kanye West as well as the ascension of Jay-Z. "I dont really know why", said Vince. Really ??? If Vince doesn't really know why the era of golden age hiphop was called back then then look it up and FIND OUT WHY that particular time era is called the golden age."There was no 50 Cent in the 90's (in the commercial mainstream), they didn't even have a Kanye in those times but the genre of hiphop was at its zenith.

This mis-informed guy said that "the 1990's was a very successful time as far as the economy goes"... successful for who? It was very successful for white Americans and immigrants of course but not for people of African or Indigenous ancestry. The economy under Bill Clinton was atrocious so what is this guy even talking about? It seems that Vice did not do his own research because he sounded like someone who was just repeating what some other mis-informed person was saying when he mentioned the economy and former president Bill Clinton in the same sentence. Just stick with pokemon Vince. N.O.R.E., a hip hop artist from the 1990's, got into a little beef on twitter about Vince's comments about golden age hiphop.

Ok, the "Golden Era" of hiphop wasn't just in the 1990's it was also in the mid 1980's and throughout the 1990's. So, Vince's golden era statement once again showed he is ignorant to certain facts that preceded his birth. A lot of groundbreaking sounds, trends and fashion happened in the late 1980's and all throughout the 1990's. This dude said that Jay Z-'s biggest number 1 song only happened a few years ago. But what Vice doesn't mention is the FACT that Jay-Z has 13 #1 albums!!! 13 Number One Albums! WTF. With that fact just stated who needs a bunch of number one songs on the music charts when the whole album is at the top position. Just simply google Jay Z's discography and it will blow away any hiphop and/or rap artist post 2000. Google Jay Z's number 1 albums and see how many come up!

If a person is going to drop a little history about the 90's in general like the tech boom, pokemon and saxophone Bill one should have at least listened to some 90's hiphop. If he can pull up something like saxophone Bill and the economy of the 19090's then he certainly could have pulled up the hottest artists & songs of the 1990's hiphop era so with that being said, Vice Staples is a millennial cry baby who needs to do his own research instead of listening to a bunch of different opinions from people who don't know very much.

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