Saturday, October 6, 2012

First female wins democratic primary for St. Louis City Treasurer

Hardworking Missouri State Representative Tishaura Jones beat out Aldermen Fred Wessels and Jeffery Boyd, and the city’s democratic central committee chairman Brian Wahby as the first female City Treasurer of St. Louis back in August of 2012.
Despite all of the mismanagement and alleged corruption in the Treasurer's office, Jones made it clear that she is going to turn that office inside out to ensure operational integrity and public accountability by all who do business there. The key for Tishaura's victory has been attributed to successful grassroot efforts. Former St. Louis Comptroller Virvus Jones is Tishaura's father who served as his daughter's campaign manager in the four-way Democratic primary.

Tishaura also has leadership experience. After her first term, Rep. Jones was selected  by her colleagues as the Assistant Minority Floor Leader.  She is the first African-American and the first woman to hold this position in Missouri history.  As a member of the leadership team, she is second in command of the Democratic members of the Missouri House of Representatives. As a state legislator in her second term, Jones said she has a strong handle on the law and investment banking – two skills that would allow her to make real change and growth in the office. The City of St. Louis is a county, and the Office of the Treasurer is subject to state law.

Tishaura has yet another hurdle to jump which is the General election in November. She faces Republican Tim Bachmann and the Green Party's Anthony Stevens.  Jones stated, "It will be an honor to be on the same ballot as our President, Barack Obama!".


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